Who have Leonardo Trust helped recently?

In the last year we have helped a total of 140 carers. 85 living in Bournemouth, Poole or East Dorset, 6 from West Dorset, 32 from South Dorset, and 10 from North Dorset.

73 people were caring for their husband, wife, or partner and 17 for a parent (this includes young carers, and adults caring for parents). 44 caring for a child (including adult children), and a grandparent caring for their grandchild, and people caring for their sister, and ex-husband.

We paid for gym membership for 7 people, treatments (aromatherapy, reflexology, etc, for 2, holidays or short breaks for 53 carers (alone or with their families) 20 household appliances, respite care or sitting services for 15, “special” grants (emergency help up to £150) for 9 people and 34 for various other kinds of help.

We would love to hear more from the North and West of the county, is there anything we can do to make ourselves better known?

Please get in touch if you would like us to send you leaflets or you need more information.

Each carer has unique and special needs

Not everyone wants, or can, take a holiday or short break either with the person they care for, or when their loved one is being cared for elsewhere. Sometimes something within the home can make the world of difference, but the cost prevents the carer making that vital purchase. Sometimes it’s something they would really like for themselves, but can’t justify the cost of what they see as a luxury.

Perhaps we can help?

Some of our more unusual requests include:

Gardening – some landscaping to make it easier to use a wheelchair, making it nicer as a place to sit, or a good tidy to make it easy to maintain.

Flooring – very worn carpet can be dangerous, or difficult for wheelchair users. Sometimes it would be better replaced by hard flooring, or new carpet.

Learning – an on-line or evening course, study for the future, and although hard work, can give a different focus between caring.

Emergencies – loved one in hospital, sudden illness, help with fares and expenses.

Old, uncomfortable bed – easier to face the day after a good night’s sleep.

Decorating – a clean attractive environment makes anyone feel better.

You might think that what the carer would like seems a very odd request – try us, you could be surprised!