What we Fund

The Leonardo Trust can help:

  • An unpaid carer who is caring for another irrespective of relationship without discrimination or bias.
  • The carer who is caring for approximately 75% of their time. The carer can work on a part time basis.
  • A carer who is registered with social services.
  • A carer receiving/not receiving benefits.
  • A carer with/without savings.
  • Any aspect of a carers, or the person they care for, lives deemed appropriate, through application, by the Trustees.
  • Through the offer of sub-contractors or professional services by recommendation or appointment.
  • Make home visits and offer alternative or additional services as a result.

We can provide funding for:

  • Respite breaks & short holidays
  • Cash crisis donations up to £150
  • Home services (ironing, gardeners, maintenance and repairs)
  • Home improvements
  • Tuition fees for external educational learning or training courses
  • Appliances
  • Installation of access equipment
  • Social activities
  • Leisure activities
  • Seed funding for new carers groups
  • Group funding
  • Coach trips and days out
  • Overnight stays
  • Public events
  • Professional services
  • Any aspect of a carers life deemed suitable by the Trustees

The Leonardo Trust reserves the right for the final decision of the Trustees to be definitive.

We reserve the right to refuse funding for persistent applications within a twelve month period except in exception circumstances and through Trustees approval.

The Trustees have the right to consider and approve any application they deem appropriate.

Grant Making Policy